maximum value of compaction factor of fresh green concrete

3 METHODS OF DETERMINING WORKABILITY OF CONCRETE , Oct 29, 2015· Fill in the cylinder with fresh concrete in layers not exceeding 5 cm in thickness and compact each layer till 100 percent compaction is achievd Wipe off and clean the outside surface of the cylinder and weigh the cylinder with fully compacted concrete nearest to 10 g Calculate the value of compaction factor using the following formula
Why is a compacting factor test considered more suitable , Although slump test is generally used for determining workability it is not effective when value of slump is lower than 50mmLow workability is required for mass concrete used in foundations and light reinforced sstructur In such cases compacti.
Compaction factor test of concrete - CIVIL READ Nov 15, 2017· Compaction factor test of concrete:-The compacting factor test is performed to find out the workability of concrete Slump test doesn’t give accurate results for the low workability of concrete when the slump is
What is the maximum possible value of compacting factor , Sep 13, 2016· The maximum possible value of Compacting factor for fresh (green) concrete is considered to be 1 theoretically , but lets look into it in a pragmatic way: CF = wt of partially compacted concrete/ wt of fully compacted concrete Now what it signif.
Workability of Fresh Concrete by Compacting Factor Test The apparatus used is Compacting factor apparatus Procedure to determine workability of fresh concrete by compacting factor test i) The sample of concrete is placed in the upper hopper up to the brim ii) The trap-door is opened so that the concrete falls into the lower hopper
Concrete Slump and Compacting Factor Test Values and Uses Following tables shows the degree of concrete workability based on the results of slump tests and compacting factor tests The range of results of each these tests indicates the suitable uses of concrete work The slump and compacting factor test values shown below are of concretes with 20mm or 40mm maximum size of aggregat