how many square feet will 42 tons of asphalt millings cover

4 Reasons To Consider Asphalt Millings Over Gravel Asphalt millings are often considered recycled asphalt pavement - essentially, they’re former asphalt projects being crushed into gravel Because no new materials are used in creation or needed to be transported, cost is severely diminished
FAQ's-General I Yost Trucking and Supply How many cubic feet are in a a cubic yard? 27 cubic feet are in a cubic yard How many square feet will one cubic yard cover? One cubic yard will cover 108 square feet at 3 inches deep How much can a pickup truck hold? A small pickup truck (ie Ranger, S-10) can hold 1 cubic yard of mulch, a half-ton of topsoil, or a half-ton of sand or gravel
how many feet in a bundle of shingle? - Blurtit How Many Bundles Of Shingles Does It Take To Cover 2,500 Square Ft? DIY 80, How Many Bundles Of Shingles Are Need For An 8x12 Storage Shed? Self Build I think a square of shingles 3 bundles covers 100 square feetso it depends on the roof size/total square, How Many Cubic Feet In A Ton Of Asphalt Millings? Measurements and Units It is .
Weight of asphalt? | Heavy Equipment Forums Nov 19, 2009· That formula probably will cover you for a tear out, but it would be a bit on the heavy side for putting it back in Asphalt is about 110 to 112lbs per inch per square yard 8 to 10 lbs might not sound like much, but over a large area can throw you off quite a bit when it ,
2019 Average Paving a Driveway Cost Calculator: Compare , A concrete driveway 90 feet long and ten feet wide would be around $1800 for materials plus an additional $2000 or so for labor, for a total cost of nearly $4000 Asphalt driveway paving costs $2-$6 per square foot installed For a 500 square foot (50 x 10) driveway this ,
How many Square feet does 1 ton of asphalt cover - answers Here are some conversions to help figure out how many sq ft 1 ton of asphalt cover 0056 tons asphalt/ SY (1 in thick) and 9 sf/1 SY using these conversions will yield an answer of 1 ton of .
How to Determine Quantities - Asphalt Pavement Convert to tons = 834,040 lbs ÷ 2,000 lbs/ton = 417 tons Now it's your turn to try your new skills Using the paving area in Figure 2, calculate the cubic yards of aggregate base and tons of asphalt pavement mixture needed, assuming the following: Areas A & B are to be paved using 4" of Aggregate Base and 3" of asphalt pavement mixture
Roofing Calculator Roofing Calculator The following tools estimate the area of a roof, as well as the amount of materials necessary to construct a roof of a given area The "House Base Area" is the area of land that the house covers, and for more complex shapes, can be estimated using the Area Calculator
Calculate the Cost of an Asphalt Driveway: Materials , Calculate the Cost of an Asphalt Driveway , asphalt is priced by the ton One ton of asphalt covers about 80 square feet with 2 inches of material or 160 square feet with 1 inch of material Current wholesale pricing of bulk base-grade asphalt is $70-$80 per ton; top-layer grade is $75-$85 per ton , For example, a wall 30 feet long and 4 .
Area Calculator – S&H Landscape Subtract 20 – 25% of square footage when compacting sand & gravel 1 UNIT (75 cubic yards) WILL COVER, 2300 – 2400 sqft @ 1″ Deep 1100 – 1200 sqft @ 2″ Deep 750 – 800 sqft @ 3″ Deep 550 – 600 sqft @ 4″ Deep Need to know how many cubic yards of material you’ll need? Try our handy material yardage calculator below
square feet to tons - OnlineConversion Forums square feet to tons 03-26-2009, 03:25 PM Robby I'm an asphalt paver this old timer awhile back gave me this formula to figure out how many tons of asphalt it would take for a square foot measurment it works perfect I'm usually within a half of a ton extra when ,
Cubic Yard Load Size - earthhaulers Cubic Yards or Tons in four standard size loads What is a cubic yard? , 1 cubic yard will cover the following amount of square feet at the given depth So, to fill a material 2″ deep in a given square foot area, you would divide the square footage by 162 To fill it 6″ deep, divide by 54, and so on
How much does a cubic yard of asphalt millings weight How much does a cubic yard of asphalt millings weight Products , How Many Cubic Feet In A Ton Of Asphalt Millings? - Blurtit , One cubic yard will cover 108 square feet at 3 inches deep How much can a pickup truck hold? A small pickup .
How to Calculate Asphalt Tonnage | Hunker Performing this step yields 125 feet times 833 feet times 042 feet or 437 cubic feet Step 4 Multiply the weight density of the asphalt by the volume to arrive at the weight of the asphalt needed in pounds
Roofing Calculator Home / Other Calculators / Roofing Calculator Roofing Calculator The following tools estimate the area of a roof, as well as the amount of materials necessary to construct a roof of a given area , The calculator cannot account for complex shapes based on a measurement of square footage alone , 425° 1357: 12/12: 450° 1414 .
Driveway Sealer Calculator - CSGNetwork If your drains are smaller than that or larger than that, you may use fractions such as 15 or 8 in the drain grills field It assumes that application sealer goes on at about 100 square feet per gallon and 70 square feet for base coating; you may change either or both if you wish
How many yards in a ton of asphalt millings How many yards in a ton of asphalt millings Products As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, How many yards in a ton of asphalt millings, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals
Calculations & Conversions :: scruggscompany About The Scruggs Company was incorporated in 1965 in the State of Georgia In 1981 the operations were split into two separate business Ferrell Scruggs Sr would be the principal of The Scruggs Company which would keep its focus on contracting work (including asphalt plant-mix production) and on the on-going sand plant operations
Asphalt Mixtures Calculator - Vulcan Materials Company Asphalt Mixtures Calculator Enter the width, length and thickness, then hit the “Calculate” button to calculate your estimate You may also revise the default density value of 145 lbs/cubic ft Actual densities may vary depending on the components of the mix
Need help sq ft to tons - OnlineConversion Forums Dec 12, 2007· I have an area 8400 sq ft need to know how many tons of millings i would need Comment Post Cancel hi aug0502 Share Tweet #18 , i WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO SHOW ME HOW TO CONVERT 1220,046 SQUARE FEET IN TONS? Comment Post Cancel Unregistered Share Tweet #21 03-31-2009, 12:34 PM , 1 MT of asphalt will cover 18 SY of area with 1 inch thick
Driveway Sealer Calculator - CSGNetwork Driveway Sealer Quantity And Cost Calculator , It is actually the amount of calculated square feet for all of the conditions and determines the amount of gallons required Surface Design: , And Depict The NORMAL Square Footage That The Sealer/Coating Volume SHOULD Cover
Asphalt milling for Driveway - Page 5 - TractorByNet Mar 21, 2012· Pardon my ignorance - how much volume of millings do you get with a ton? Or maybe I should ask how much compressed volume of millings do you get with a ton? , So two three-inch lifts would cover 34 square feet? And 100' of 10' wide driveway would be about 30 tons? Seems pretty cheap , Re: Asphalt milling for Driveway Lots of great ideas .
How Many Square Feet Per Ton of Flagstone? : Math , Jul 11, 2012· How deep the flagstone you're using is depends on how many square feet there are per ton Find out how many square feet per ton of flagstone with help from a ,
how many cubic yards of asphalt millings in a ton for the project consists of 374,000 cubic yards of excavation, 1,600 linear feet of storm water pipe , Hot Mix Asphalt, 240,000 square feet of pavement markings, 7,000 linear feet of milling , Lead by Superintendent Ed Paugh, and with the help of many relia- , J F Allen Company record of 6291 tons of asphalt on day one More details .
Bulk Material Calculator | Contractors Stone Supply Bulk Material Calculator (Sand, Gravel, Soil and Mulch) , 6” CHOPPED STONE WILL COVER 70-75 LINEAR FEET PER TON , " to receive the approximate tons of random building stone such as Builders or Chopped stone needed for the specified square footage Length (in Feet) Width (in Feet) Calculate
unit weight of asphalt millings - BINQ Mining I Need 42 Yards Of Crushed AsphaltIt Is Only Sold By The Ton , I must assume you are talking about old hot mix asphalt (HMA)millings or , It depends on the weight per cubic foot of the hot mix asphaltAn average weight , »More detailed
Calculating Coverage Per Yard, The Easy Way | Grillo Services So with a combined 120 square feet in the front yard, and 3 planting beds of approximately 80 square feet each, we have a whole sum of 360 square feet Since it is clear to us that 1 “cubic yard” will cover 100 square feet we can safely say that we need around 3 and 1/2 yards
LEED Waste Management | Recycled Concrete | Recycled , Recycled materials are the way of the future With more construction projects going green and requiring LEED certification, these materials are used in the construction industry every day Raw materials like concrete, asphalt, stone, and brick come from various projects such as building demos, highway & bridge construction, and home remodeling
How to Determine How Much Rock You Need for a Driveway , Dec 10, 2018· To figure the cubic feet, you multiply the square feet by the depth of rock For example, a 1,200-square-foot driveway with a depth of 05 feet of rock is 600 cubic feet Calculate the cubic yards
How many square feet in a ton of asphalt that is 25 , The amount of square feet in a ton of asphalt will depend on the thickness of the asphalt If the asphalt is three inches thick it will have to cover the area three tim