average cost per ton of limestone per mile in truck

Does any of this seem reasonable? Cost to run a 3500 , Feb 25, 2013· Overall, I peg the per mile costs at about $80 a mile for a moderately busy truck - including ins and other fe Below that, I estimate you're wearing out a truck for someone else's benefit and not making wages for yourself
An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 2016 , An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 3 2016 Update LIST OF ACRONYMS ATA American Trucking Associations ATRI American Transportation Research Institute BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics CFO Chief Financial Officer CNG Compressed Natural Gas CPH Cost per Hour CPM Cost per Mile CSA Compliance, Safety, Accountability
How to Calculate Cost per Mile for Your Trucking Company , Apr 16, 2019· Running a trucking company without knowing your costs is like driving with your eyes closed If you do not know the cost of each mile your trucks drive, you cannot know the best per-mile rate to charge your shippers
How much cost of limestone per ton - answers The average cost of a ton of crushed limestone is between $2750 and $3820 , Cost per ton-mile indicates what it costs to ship 1 ton of a commodity 1 mile , Call different dump truck .
Pricing Freight Transport to Account for External Costs freight haulers, nor shippers, nor consumers The unpriced external costs of transporting freight by truck (per ton-mile) are around eight times higher than by rail; those costs net of existing taxes represent about 20 percent of the cost of truck transport and about 11 percent of the cost of rail transport
Calculate Your Cost Per Mile – Truckers & Owner-Operators For example, “fixed costs per mile” is calculated by dividing $2515 (fixed costs) by 8,400 (miles), which gives us $030 per mile Using the same method, we calculate variable costs to be $070 Adding both numbers provides a “total cost per mile” of $100
NC DEQ: Crushed Stone in NC Because aggregate is a heavy, low cost per ton product, haul distance largely controls the price of aggregate Truck haul costs approximately 12 to 15 cents per ton-mile Because of the high cost of transportation, virtually all aggregate produced in North Carolina is used in North Carolina PERMITTING/ENVIRONMENT
Figuring Cost Per Mile, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers , PER MILE COSTS DECREASES WHEN MILES INCREASE As the miles a truck operates increases, the Cost Per Mile figure will decrease (See Figure 2) Of course your driver income should also increase as you drive those miles too Let's just look at the first and last points on this chart The $106 per mile cost, at 50,000 miles, represents a vehicle .
aggregate trucking cost per ton mile - BINQ Mining Jan 23, 2013· truck vs rail – You’ve stumbled into my basement The cost of labor represents the highest cost to the trucking , in aggregate and in the context of , (cents per ton-mile) Mode Private Cost Public Cost , »More detailed
How to Calculate Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile Nov 09, 2018· One of the most important contributing factors to the success of an owner operator business is knowing the trucking cost per mile Simple easy to follow steps for truckers to determine their fixed and variable operating costs and their per mile costs
Cost per Mile - The Basic Formula - businesseconorg In any industry, especially transportation, it is essential for the owner of a business to understand how much it costs per mile to operate his vehicle, trucks or fleet The formula looks simple and in reality it is; but you must understand the underlying elements to truly appreciate and comprehend the calculation
Fuel Efficiency: Modes of Transportation Ranked By MPG , In 2007 Amtrak consumed 105 trillion BTU of fuel, or 659 BTU per available passenger mile Amtrak’s max pmpg is therefore 1897 (if somebody would just ride it) Freight trains consume 328 BTU to move a ton one mile Using 4000 lbs of freight equals one passenger, this equals 656 BTU per passenger-mile, or ,
Truck Freight Rates - Trucker Path Aug 22, 2017· Truck Freight Rates Before getting into the details surrounding truck freight rates and how owner-operators can find the best one, it’s important to understand what is a good truck freight rate and how are rates determined
How to Calculate Ton-mile Costs | 15th October 1954 | The , Five tons carried 400 miles is also 2,000 ton-mil In the:first instance, assuming that the load is carried in -a 10-ton lorry which costs 18d per mile to run, the totalegst of the job-is 3,600d, and the cost per ton 360d The cost -per ton-mile is 18d, found by dividing the total cost bythe,nuMber of ton-mil
How much does transporting oil by rail rather than , Jan 09, 2013· I am going to take a bit of a different approach to the question As both Ian Lavoie and Chris Jensen have mentioned, pipeline transport is cheaper than rail transport from a strict cost per ton mile calculation If you want some off the hip numbe.
How Much Does Crushed Limestone Cost? | HowMuchIsItorg Aug 15, 2018· How much does crushed limestone cost? , By the ton, the costs of crushed limestone will vary anywhere from $20 to as much as $30 , At Mains Landscape Supply, for instance, the cost of crushed limestone is $3895 per yard By the bag, most 50-pound bags are going to cost anywhere from $3 to $7
Price on caliche/crushed limestone road? - Texas Hunting Forum Dec 10, 2009· The product is the cheap part Around here there are rock crushers everywhere, and the rock that is used for roads will vary from $9000 - $13000 per 14 yard load trucking included for a 60 mile round trip Try to get it delivered in a belly dump and it will cut down on the amount of work to get it ,
2019 Gravel Driveway Costs + Road Base & Crushed Rock , HomeAdvisor's Gravel Driveway Cost Guide provides average prices (per square foot, yard, & ton) for road base materials, including gravel, crushed rock, crush & run stone, limestone and shell for building a driveway, private road or parking lot
Truck Operating Cost Calculator - Freight Metrics Freight Metrics Truck / Tractor Trailer Operating Cost Calculator helps you work out your operating costs and freight price including daily rate, cost per km and cost per tonne Check your finance costs against your operating costs and pricing to buy or sell your truck or tractor trailer Whats your truck cost per mile?
NC DEQ: Crushed Stone in NC This crushed stone operation is located near an Interstate so the crushed stone product can easily be trucked to road construction sites and to concrete plants , Truck haul costs approximately 12 to 15 cents per ton-mile
Cost of Gravel - Estimates and Prices Paid - CostHelper JMJ Landscape Supply Center in Lynchburg, VA charges $65 a ton for 1/4"-1/2" brown pea stone and $9950 a ton for 1/2" earth rose crushed stone; delivery within a 10-mile radius is $55 per trip A cubic yard of gravel (weighing roughly 12 to 17 tons) costs about $10-$90 or more if hauled away by the customer, or $20-$120 or more
Calculate Your Cost Per Mile – Truckers & Owner-Operators Decreasing fuel costs and working to replace brokers with your own clients both lead to lower variable costs (per mile) and higher profits Step 4: Calculate cost per mile The last step is to put everything together Using the number of miles, the monthly fixed costs, and the monthly variable costs we can calculate your costs per mile
Cost Per Mile for Dummies | Today's TruckingToday's Trucking Aug 01, 2014· Back in 2000, we published a cost-per-mile story [Know Thy Costs, April 2000], where maintenance guru, Myron Graham, then with Rentway Truck leasing, provided us with maintenance costs on his fleet of lease vehicl
Report: 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck Data - Utilimarc Jan 28, 2015· Report: 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck Data January 28, 2015 , Operating Costs (Without Fuel) Per Mile This graph shows the operating cost (all parts and labor) net of fuel per mile for 4×2 and 4×4 ½ ton pickups by age The overall trend for both drive types is that the operating cost per mile ,
2019 Crushed Stone Prices | Crushed Rock Costs & Advantages Minimum Cost: $2750 per ton of basic landscaping crushed stone when 23 or more tons are purchased at one time Costs increase per ton when fewer tons are ordered Maximum Cost: $6420 per ton of white marble crushed stone, not including delivery
Graphs for Decision Making: Cost Per Ton Mile for Four , Jan 06, 2012· Cost Per Ton Mile for Four Shipping Modes , The vertical bar graph shows the costs per ton mile for shipping freight on four transportation modes – truck, rail, air, and water The costs per ton mile amounts are computed from US Department of Transportation data for 2002 The costs per ton mile were computed by dividing the 2002 data for .
57 Limestone | Jones Topsoil Columbus Ohio 1/8″ to 3/8“ clean crushed limestone It can be used as a topping for driveways and parking areas It is easy to walk on If bigger SUVs and pick-ups are driving on it, it can get stuck in the treads of the tir It is 125 ton per cubic yard
An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: A 2014 , of carrier marginal costs per mile (CPM) to accurately capture different industry business models In order to convert line-item CPM figures into a total marginal cost per hour (CPH) figure, a GIS-generated, industry-vetted average operational speed of 3998 miles per hour (MPH) was used in these calculations It should be noted that this
TRUCK FREIGHT RATES in INDIA - The Numbers Oct 04, 2017· Its been like 4 - 1/2 Years for us since we ventured into India's Long Distance Trucking Business The Trucking Freight rates for 32FT MXL, have a ,
The owning and operating costs of dump trucks Oct 06, 2010· The owning and operating costs of dump trucks Tom Jackson , The average range is in the neighborhood of 50,000 to 75,000 miles per year In applications that keep the truck in ,